You butter believe it!

Our Early Childhood students had their first Science Assembly this morning and it was an absolute success! We made butter! But first the students met in the Learning Commons to read a classic book about the early pioneer days. We wanted to connect the science experience to a history lesson.  We watched  “A Little Prairie House” from “My First Little House Books” by Laura Ingalls Wilder – an absolute treasure and a great introduction to pioneer life. We explained that pioneer life was hard. Back then families had to build their own homes, grow their own food, and get ready for the cold winters. Their toys and treats were homemade, and they even had to make their own butter!  Making simple homemade butter with kids is quite easy. You only need a few supplies and some willing helpers with strong arms to enjoy this tradition. You fill a small mason jar halfway with heavy whipping cream, add a marble or two for kinetic energy, close the lid and shake until you can’t hear those marbles clicking anymore!  We had so much fun. We hope to “churn” out more great science ideas soon! No pun intended!  -Mrs. Augustine, EC Team Leader

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